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Mostly Harmless: 1 PVP Kill

Mostly Harmless Pin by Masterchief
Mostly Harmless Pin by Masterchief

Fighter Pilot: 20 PVP Kills

Fighter Pilot Pin by Masterchief
Fighter Pilot Pin by Masterchief

Fearless Fighter: 100 PVP Kills

Fearless Fighter Pin by Masterchief

Fearless Fighter Pin by Masterchief

Blockade Buster: Destroyed a Military Outpost, credited by GNN for destruction.

Blockade Buster Pin by Masterchief
Blockade Buster Pin by Masterchief

Home Sweet Starbase: Owned a Starbase

Starbase Conquest: Capture a Starbase, credited by GNN for capture.

Death Star: Destroyed a Starbase, credited by GNN for destruction.

Explosives Expert: Successfully completed 10 Explosives Missions

Escort Service: Successfully completed 10 VIP Missions

Art of War: Successfully completed one of each War Mission: Scout, Transport Spy, Espionage and Transport Military Explosives

Stack Attack: 10 PVP Kills while ambushing

Two in the Bush: Participated in 10 or more multi-pilot ambushes

Stack Stopper: Survive an ambush from 3 or more pilots and kill at least 1 of the ambushing pilots.

Scouted: Scouted an enemy ambush, revealing the location to friendly forces

Hacked to Death: Hacked an enemy, revealing the location to friendly forces leading to a pilot kill

Bomb Voyage: Successfully carried out a TSS bombing mission

Disturbance in the Force: Successfully carried out 10 TSS bombing missions

Body Business: Sold over 200t of Body Parts

Close Call: Survive a PVP/B/NPC battle with only 1 hull point left.

Lucky Shot: Survived a PVP battle with 20 Hull or less, killed the other pilot

Crime Doesn't Pay: Received 25,000 credits or more faction bounty at one time

Bloody Money: Collected 1 Bounty

Collector: Collected 50 Bounties

Assassin: Collected 100 Bounties

Quick Buck: Made your first 1,000,000 credits

Tycoon: Owned 50,000,000 credits or more at one time

Richest Man in the Galaxy: Owned 100,000,000 credits or more at one time

Pocket Change: Spent 1,000,000 credits or more during your pilot career

Gotta Spend Money: Spent 50,000,000 credits or more during your pilot career

Big Spender: Spent 100,000,000 credits or more during your pilot career

Script Kiddy: Performed 20 Hacks

Guru: Hack Skill: 25 or higher, performed 200 Hacks

Code Breaker: Hack Skill: 40 or higher, Performed 500 Hacks, obtained Echo Hack Skill

Module Murderer: Destroyed 20 Building Modules

Wrecking Crew: Destroyed 10 Buildings

Death Dealer: Traded or produced 1t of each, slaves, drugs, skaari limbs, rashkir bones, human intestines and keldon brains

Strike One: Obtained a bounty of 1000 credits or more

Hunted: Obtained a bounty of 100,000 credits or more

Wanted: Dead...: Obtained a bounty of 2,000,000 credits or more

Pod Sweet Home: 1 death

Clone Trooper: 50 deaths or more

Pod God: 100 deaths or more

Up a Creek: Died without an escape pod

Building Blocks: Constructed a building

Construction Crew: Built a level 10 Building

Doom Collector TM: Your building(s) (includes Starbase) have 20 or more PVB Kills

Jack of all Trades: Traded at least one of each non-illegal standard commodity

FW-Wee!: Made 5,000,000 credits doing FWE runs

Washing Machine: Made/Spent 100 ATP's or more

The Game: Started a Pardus Account (also you Lost)

Smooth Criminal: A private bounty of 100,000 credits or more on you was cancelled

With Friends Like These: 20 people friended you

FOE-bulous: 20 people have foed you

Nobody Likes Me, Everybody Hates Me: 100 people have foed you

Grave Digger: 250 PVP Kills

Serial Killer: 500 PVP Kills

Grim Reaper: 1000 PVP Kills

Pick Pocket: Raided 1t of goods

Space Bandito: Raided 100t of goods

Highway Robber: Raided 1000t of goods

Try it Kid: Used 1t of drugs

Trippin': Used 100t of drugs

Candy Addict: Used 1000t of drugs

Freedom Fighter: Destroyed 1 Dark Dome or Slave Camp or Drug Station

Crusader: Destroyed 5 Dark Domes, Slave Camps or Drug Stations (any combination)

Angel of Liberty: Destroyed a total of 10 illegal buildings, destroyed at least one of each: Dark Dome, Slave Camp, Drug Station

Lock & Load: Purchased 1 Missile

Give em' Hell: Purchased 100 Missiles

Missile Boat: Purchased 1000 Missiles

Catching Z's: Killed 1 of each of the Z-15 and Z-16 Series NPC: Z-15 Scout, Z-15 Repair Drone, Z-15 Fighter, Z-15 Spacepad, Z-16 Repair Drone, Z-16 Fighter

Dragon's Lair: Killed 1 of each Dragon NPC (non-pc): Young Space Dragon, Elder Space Dragon, Space Dragon Queen,

Baby Killer: Killed 1 of each Swarmling NPC: Swarm of Gorefanglings, Medusa Swarmlings, Stentho Swarmlings, Euryale Swarmlings

Johnny Law: Killed 1 of each Pirate NPC: Inexperience Pirate, Experienced Pirate, Hidden Drug Stash, Lone Smuggler, Escorted Smuggler, Slave Trader, Famous Pirate

Crystal Cleaner: Killed 1 of each Crystal NPC: Blue Crystal, Frost Crystal, Space Crystal, Rive Crystal, Ancient Crystal

I Shot the Sherrif: Killed 10 EPS pilots

Under Arrest: Killed 10 TSS pilots

Comeback Kid: Returned to Pardus after retiring

Support the Cause: Purchased a premium account for 14 days or longer

People Know Me: Get referred to/mentioned in Westwood's artwork

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